25 - 27 November 2016
Live for 72 hrs only
Learn How To Do What You Want, When You Want, from Where You Want & With Who You Want...

Crack the SIMPLICITY Code and become an Entrepreneur who puts their life first and has a business that fully supports your life goals without sucking you dry. 

Our 12 Presenters all live the life you deserve. Each has a message that may well be right for you. The Summit is live for 72 hours only and in that time you may listen to as many of the Presenters as you wish.

Each of them have an amazing message, and perhaps even an opportunity for you to change your life. We live the dream... so can you!

Join Us and Learn How to Live & Work Anywhere...

"This is the first Summit of it's kind that shares many different stories and how to's from some of the great Lifestyle Entrepreneurs of our Time."
Mike Handcock - Founder (Rock Your Life)
Meet Our Round Table of Awesome Lifestylers...
Peter Anthony
You Will Change The World
Brash, Bold, Outspoken, Controversial, and right on the money! The prodigal son of NY, Peter Anthony has been an award-winning entrepreneur since he stepped into the world of beauty, fashion & marketing. 

Making big statements has never been hard for the Social Entrepreneur and Founder of 

His knack for spotting trends and isolating corporate disasters has created a deep demand for his talks.
Dr Dragos Bratasanu
Film Maker 'The Amazing You'
Award winning scientist.
Ph.D Magna Cum Laude in satellite intelligence in Germany 
Winner of the Google Grant for Singularity University 2015
       and was named by FORBES "among the smartest people in the world."
Winner of Hay House Writer's Workshop Competition.
Traveled on two expeditions to Antarctica and the North Pole
Endorsed by NASA legends, rock stars and business leaders 
His work is translated in 20 languages
Wolfgang Riebe
International acclaim as a comedy magician, travelling the globe on the world's top cruise liners, appearing in leading theatres and starring in numerous of his own prime time TV series. At the same time he completed his studies, wrote books and took part in expeditions in the Arctic & Antarctic. 

Today, at 50 he has become an iconic figure in the speaking and entertainment industry, having entertained and inspired over 1 million people live.

Catherine Newton
Business Mentor
Catherine Newton, B.Ed, Dip Tch, is a Mentor, Teacher and Inspirational Speaker. Catherine’s charismatic, inspirational approach weaves together personal, business, and creative entrepreneurial money, mindset and marketing teachings into one complete tapestry.
Her work and presentations have been featured on 60 minutes with Tim Ferris, on podcasts shows such as The Suitcase Entrepreneur and in the US on NBC, ABC, Inc Magazine, and Fox. 
Kim Castle
CEO Kim Castle
Women’s Wellness Advocate, TV Host, Keynote Speaker, Corporate Speaker, Brand Ambassador, Author, Content Producer, Content Creator, Art Director and Creative Director

Kim’s vibrant, authentic, inspiring personality and comic viewpoint enable her to mastermind, create and produce highly engaging content for female audiences. Funny, vivacious, and vulnerable, Kim’s presentations are not just talks, they are soul-stirring wake-up calls.
Jeanette Jifkins
Onyx Online Law
Jeanette Jifkins is the founder and Principal of Onyx Online Law, an Australian based law firm with the focus of supporting online enterprises.  She has extensive experience with a broad variety of corporate and commercial issues including contracts, mergers and acquisitions, business structures, employment and governance. Before moving in-house Jeanette worked with small to top tier law firms in the areas of commercial dispute resolution and corporate and commercial advisory divisions.

Roger Salam
Real Estate 
W. Roger Salam is an award winning inspirational speaker, best-selling author of several books & courses on Personal Development, Sales & Marketing and Real Estate Investing. He’s been listed in America’s Premiere Experts and the recipient of “Thought Leader of The Year” award by the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors. 
Roger is the chairman and founder of The Winner’s Circle, an invitation-only Mastermind Forum for top level business leaders, authors, speakers and thought-leaders.
John Abbott
CEO Results Platform
 I am an Online Marketing Specialist, Lead Mentor for the Campaign Mastery Academy, co-author of the book, A Journey Of Riches, Making Changes, and the Creator of The Competition Gift & Profit Models.

I often see entrepreneurs throwing good marketing money after bad, and after heading up 63, 5, 6 and 7 figure marketing campaigns during the last 9 years, I developed a number of Unique Strategies to attract leads and convert them into medium and high level clients.
Frank Furness
Frank Furness CSP is an internationally sought after Sales & Technology Speaker and Social Media Presenter.  He is a specialist in sales, technology, social media and goal setting and how they work in tandem to produce great results for organisations. He has been a guest on many radio and TV talkback shows and is the past President of the Professional Speakers Association of Europe.

He currently spends eighty percent of his time speaking internationally, working in fifty three countries.
Kate Obrien
After coming through tremendous challenges, Kate became a recognized national leader in her field as a registered nurse, speaking at international health conferences, being nominated for a special regional health award for her national work in training doctors & nurses throughout New Zealand as powerful change agents & was a finalist for the New Zealand Emerging Speaker of the Year in 2013. She received high accolades for her work as a national project manager with her work being featured at national conferences.
Business Mechanic
His experience includes starting 6 businesses which included retail, F&B, and money-changing. As an investor, he owns a number of properties and has been trading in the stock market since a tender age of 19.
Abu was a winner of the SOE 2005 Award (Spirit of Enterprise) which recognizes individuals for their outstanding entrepreneurial quest received from Singapore H.E President Nathan. Appeared on national TV in Singapore and Malaysia in many programs related to Finance and Business.
Ed Oakley 
Personal Development
Entrepreneur Development
Founder of Enlightened Leadership Solutions(ELS) and co-author of “Enlightened Leadership; Getting to the Heart of Change” and other books, Ed has developed leaders and entrepreneurs in 68 countries over the last 27 years.

His books have over 300,000 in circulation. He specializes in assuring that his 2nd Career Entrepreneur clients are in the 12% of entrepreneurs that SUCCEED! Recently Ed decided he would pack up and work from a Nomad style, although Florida did draw his attention.

FREE Lifestyle Entrepreneur AUDIO Program

100 Mins of Audio Guide that will help you design the life of your dreams from what ever position you are in today. Most people have a WILL, a plan for their death, but not a plan for an awesome life. Through this series you will look at where you are, how you got there, what is important to you, why its important and where you want to love, work, what you want to have and contribute to. Following this program you will have a clear path of how to create an amazing life for yourself.

Valued at $97 but yours FREE on Registration

The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Online Summit is the first of its kind in the world. Featuring Hosts who will be sharing the following insights:

  • How to live anywhere and do what you want
  • What are some of the best places in the world to do business in
  • How to build an online business that makes money while you sleep
  • Why designing your life is important and not just letting it happen
  • Business Hacks and Techniques that you can use to create a better life
  • The art of giving back and getting involved in something bigger than you
  • How to get people to build your business while you relax
  • How to get out of that job and build a business you are passionate about

and much much more

About Us

Since 2006 ROCK YOUR LIFE have run over 1,000 events in more than forty countries and eighty cities globally, attended by over 250,000 entrepreneurs and individuals. With tens of thousands of books sold, and a similar number of digital downloads, plus radio shows, you tube, blogs and other empowerment techniques, lives have been positively affected across the world.

What You Will Learn...
  • Simplify Business - Break things down so anyone can do it
  • Live Anywhere - Get Mobile - Even a Spare Parts Business did it
  • Be Global - Why stay at home when the world waits for you
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